Sunday, June 10, 2012


Whew...we made it through the Rockies.  It was another stressful day, but no major meltdowns on my part.  I still don't like going through the mountains.  All I can say is thank goodness for tunnels...and alcohol!

After we arrived in Grand Junction, CO we headed over to the Colorado National Monument to take a 23-mile driving tour along the rim of the park.  We saw some awesome canyons and beautiful rock formations. 

Tomorrow we're headed to Utah and Arches National Park for some hiking, biking, and more rock formations.  We're also staying in the park...and it doesn't have electricity.  Yikes!  We'll be roughing it...with a generator.  I'm too girlie and need to use a hair dryer.  After all, I'll be taking lots of pictures and will probably even get in a few of them too.  No electricity also means no wi-fi, so I have a good excuse to miss a few days of blogging.  But, I'm sure I'll have lots of interesting things to share on the next update.  There's no telling what may happen with Matt.  It's always an adventure with him!