Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Home Sweet Home (for the Summer!)

We're happy to report that we now officially have a college Junior...and he's back home for the summer!  After a full weekend of activities, including a festival and a wedding (and lots of studying in between!), Keaton ended the school year with three exams on Monday...even squeezing in a doctor's appt. for his knee.  (Definitely a Level 2 sprained MCL and four to six weeks of physical therapy.)  Matt and I headed to campus on Monday night with the trailer to pick up some furniture and odds and ends.  I'm not sure how it happens, but it seems like we end up moving out MUCH more from the dorm than we moved in back in the fall.  Keaton chose to stay at school one more night to hang out with his roommates and came home yesterday with the rest of his stuff.    Now to find a place to put everything...

1 Explorer full of college stuff
+ 1 Durango full of college stuff
+ 1 trailer full of college stuff
a LOT of stuff to put away!

The "before" picture of the rug.  (It actually doesn't look as bad as it really was in this picture.) 
I cleaned the rug in all four directions three times.  (That's like cleaning the rug 12 times!) 
Then I had fun doing it all over again on another rug.  I won't show pictures of the dirty water because it's really gross.  Trust me, it's enough to probably give you nightmares.

The "after" picture could definitely be used for a carpet cleaning ad!

 On a side note, we celebrated Keaton's homecoming with a yummy homemade-from-scratch chocolate cake.
(And I have flour and cocoa powder all over the kitchen to prove it!)