Monday, June 4, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

Matt and I packed up the RV and hit the road to enjoy Pentwater with some friends.  Keaton had planned to go with us, but opted to stay home and babysit Cyrus.  Oh, and to play video games with his friends.  Because that's pretty much all he could do with a leg immobilizer.  I received the gut-wrenching phone call..."Mom, I hurt my knee playing basketball and am going to the hospital."  Luckily, I was wearing makeup and was fully dressed at the time so I wouldn't scare anyone if I had to venture out in public.  After Keaton's initial freak-out that he tore his MCL and/or his ACL, he was diagnosed with a sprained MCL.  No tear.  No damage to his meniscus.  Just a lot of pain and swelling in the knee.  A lot.  He was put in a brace and basically spent the weekend on the couch, sucking down the Motrin (sorry...I meant ibuprofen or Matt won't know what I'm talking about) and slept in our bed so he didn't have to tackle the stairs to his room.  Cyrus was happy to cuddle on the couch between Keaton and his friend...and push Keaton to the edge of the bed every night.

Matt and I had a good weekend.  Matt got to fish while I spent some time on the beach.  Until the birds started to surround me.  When it began to look like a scene from the movie, "The Birds", I called it a day at the beach before I was featured on an episode of "When Animals Attack".

We visited the Big Sable Point Lighthouse in Ludington and the Little Sable Point Lighthouse over near Silver Lake.  We enjoyed some nice walks along the beach...especially trying to outrun the storm coming up on shore.  But, we did stay ahead of the storm...and my hair and makeup were eternally grateful. 

Even though we missed having the boys with us, it's a good thing Cyrus stayed home.  We had rain and storms every night and in the early morning, so poor Cyrus would have freaked out.  (He doesn't do well with storms or rain...or with wind, fog, heat, humidity, and snow.)  We enjoyed some hiking, walks on the beach, sunsets, and just relaxing for an entire weekend.  When we came home, I laughed at the setup Keaton created in the living room for his gaming.  He pretty much just sat on the couch and kept his leg elevated and iced.  He wasn't happy to find out that we stole all the ice, so he improvised with bags of frozen veggies.  But hey, I definitely needed some liquid therapy after his phone call earlier in the week.  And I make fabulous frozen margaritas!