Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Red Dust

Arches National Park is incredible!  There are rock formations of every shape and size and they're spectacular.  After a long trek up into the park, we settled into our campsite amidst the rocks.  With all the rocks and desolation, it was almost like being on the moon.  We survived in my first-ever primitive campground (no water, no electricity, no cable, no wi-fi).  We still had battery power and water for showers, so it was like we almost had a full hook-up...thank goodness!

We did some climbing on the rocks behind us and Matt posed for a picture.  (This isn't as scary as it looks.  He's not allowed to do anything too crazy because I'm not driving us home.)

We've also done some hiking.  This was our hike yesterday to Broken Arch.  It was a little warm and we had some climbing to do, but it was totally worth it!  I've taken hundreds of pictures and we still have 11 more days of vacation!  Whoo-hoo!!