Saturday, June 2, 2012

Blogger Girl

I've decided I'm going to do it...I'm going to try to write daily on my blog and become a true blogger girl.  (Note:  the key word is TRY.)  I'm going to try to keep a running record of my life and the life of my guys...and all the crazy stuff that happens.  (And crazy things do happen.)  This will be a nice record of all that stuff life has thrown at us...and some laughs and bumps along our journey.  Plus, this will help us to remember when I scrapbook or when things get start to get fuzzy...and/or will provide documentation for medical and/or court appearances.  (Just kidding.  Sort of.)

First, let me be the first to admit that I am an organizational nut.  Seriously, I'm crazy and probably need medication.  I'm not OCD (yet), but definitely like things neat and tidy.  I also take a lot of pictures of our lives.  As a mother of an only child, you can imagine how many pictures and videos I take of our son. probably can't because it's a lot.  And I mean A LOT!  Tons!  Thousands!  Maybe even approaching a million!  Well, maybe not that many, but I do take a lot of pictures and video.  (Let's just say that I've transferred all our home videos to DVDs and we now have over 300.  I told you it was a lot!)  I've been trying to scrapbook each year of our son's life and have about five years completely finished.  I'm trying to keep each year of his life contained to three 12x12 binders.  Yep, three.  Even that's doing a lot of editing.  I've been putting all the duplicate pictures and pictures I don't use (remember the grand ol' days of film?) in a box and it's been driving me crazy for over ten years now because they've just been sitting in boxes.  (Yikes...all jumbled together and not organized.)  I'm not sure how I was even able to sleep at night because this has always been tickling the back of my brain.  It's been on my "to do" list for years and years.  Well, I'm thrilled to say that I've finally sorted them, labeled them and put them away in neatly labeled storage containers.  (My label maker is probably my best friend in the whole wide world.  I even gave her a name...Lola.  I told you I was crazy!)  So, here's the finished project:

TA DA!!  So, this is about five years of duplicate pictures.  (Now do you believe me when I say I take a lot of pictures?)  Why am I saving duplicates?  As a scrapbooker, most of my pictures are glued down in a book and sometimes I need a picture and I don't want to chance ruining the picture itself and/or my layout.  (Plus, I have lots of embarrassing shots of butt cracks at the beach, bad hair days, and goofy faces of my entire family and these may come in handy for blackmailing purposes one day!)  I'm a chronological order kind of girl.  But, as I tried sorting pictures by year (and losing all feeling in the lower half of my body after hours of sitting the floor sorting), I decided to go outside my comfort zone and sort by theme.  This was SO much easier (and my lower extremities were much happier) and I finished in one day.  Yay!  That night, I think I slept the best I've slept in years.  (Well, the best for me, but that will have to be another blog.)

So, another item checked off on my "to do" list.  Now I only have fifteen years of pictures left to scrapbook!  Sigh.  But, any duplicate pictures will be filed accordingly.  Oh boy...I probably really do need medication!