Saturday, June 30, 2012

Shoo Fly!

Today's handy-dandy household tip is one to keep flies away.  I've received e-mails and have seen stories online about the magical plastic bag filled with water and pennies that repels flies.  I've read the scientific reports and they're inconclusive.  So, I admit, I was skeptical when I finally caved in and decided to try this little trick for myself.  Well, knock-on-wood, it really does seems to work.  I filled a small plastic storage bag with some water and threw in three pennies.  (Some people say to use 1 penny.  Some people say to use 5 pennies.  I chose the middle of the road.)  I then hung each bag near the outside doors and on our umbrella over our patio table.  And, voila, we haven't had any flies in the house or hovering near our food on the patio.  Of course, Matt and Keaton think I'm nuts to have bags of water and pennies hanging outside.  But, instead, I think they should be thanking me for not having to chase any annoying flies away from their food.  Plus, I found a way to use some pennies that Keaton thinks are useless and should be eliminated from the U.S. mint.