Friday, February 17, 2017

Technology Woes

It's been a struggle with technology in the Adams Homestead the last couple of months.  My desktop wheezed its last breath last month.  Luckily, our tech-savvy son donated his desktop to me...which I gratefully accepted!  Unfortunately, I still have a lot of photos on the deceased desktop so I have to wait for him to come and work his magic and transfer my stuff.  I'm hoping he can breathe enough life into the old computer to get my stuff...or there will be an awful lot of swearing going on.  (Yes, I do have most of my stuff backed up on an external hard drive, but there's some new stuff that wasn't backed-up.)  As if it wasn't enough to lose my beloved desktop, I also lost my cell phone and just about everything that was on it.  I discovered a small crack on the corner of the screen last week before my phone went completely to the dark side.  I tried to transfer what I could from what I had backed-up online, but most of it wouldn't transfer.  My attempts to connect it to the laptop proved futile, so I'll just have to wait for our son to see if he can work his magic on that device too.  My problem is patience...and my LACK OF IT!!!!!