Monday, March 25, 2013

Chocolate Influence

His Aunt Karie is totally to blame for his love of chocolate.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sir Cyrus Sitting by the Sill

Every morning, Cyrus sits and looks out our bedroom window while I make his bed.  Yep, I said 'his' bed because he thinks it's his and he begrudgingly shares it with us...not the other way around.  After the bed is made and the throw pillows are neatly placed on the bed, he likes to jump up on the bed and then rearrange the pillows to his liking.  It's a good thing he's so darn cute because he's definitely opinionated and strong-willed.  Oh, and notice the white light coming through the windows in the above photo.  Yep, that's snow.  Happy Spring!  Ughhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

Sometimes Cyrus leaves the pillows alone and only flips one down to use. 

Sometimes he just likes a pillow flipped down on him for a bit.

Thursday, March 14, 2013


Matt brought me home a shamrock shake tonight.  Mmmmmmmmmmmm...
He just might make it in the 'Top Ten List of Best Husbands in the Whole-Wide World'.  Maybe.  If he'd bring me home a puppy, he'd definitely move up in the standings. 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

50 Rocks!

Our good friend (a.k.a. Matt's 'partner' in his adventure race partner, not the friendlier kind of partner) is turning 50.  We're going to celebrate with him and his wife by having dinner at The Melting Pot (YUM!!!!) and then listening to a band at the casino on Friday night.  I made a little gift bag for him...all done at home on my computer (and a little help from some store-bought items because I don't know how to make vodka...yet).  I'm happy with how everything turned out and I'm full of ideas for Matt's 50th birthday celebration!
I made labels with his name so he'll remember just in case he drinks this bottle in one sitting.

I made a CD with the Top Ten Songs of 1963 for his trip down memory lane.
(I didn't even know some of these songs.  This was WAY before my time!)

The #1 song of 1963 was 'Sugar Shack' by Jimmy Gilmer.
I'm not a fan.

I made some cute little candy bar wrappers and put them on fun-size candy bars (100 Grand).
I was very nice with all references about turning 50 because I know how bad his payback will be...years and years and years from now.

Ta da...the finished project!
I just bought a vase, put 50 rocks in the bottom, and loaded in the vodka bottle (with cute computer-made charms), added the CD, added a sheet loaded with fun facts about 1963, threw in the candy bars, and finished it off with a cute little sign.


Friday, March 8, 2013

The Good Sportz

Matt, his brothers, and a couple of his friends participated in 'Bowl for Kids' Sake' (a fundraising event for Big Brothers Big Sisters) on Tuesday night.  The team name was "The Good Sportz".  I think the guys were good sports for letting Matt talk them into wearing wigs.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Another Project...with Minimal Bleeding and No Falls

Keaton doesn't like having so many pictures of himself around the house...especially baby pictures.  (I don't know's not like I put the naked-baby-butt pictures out in view.  Those are all tucked safely away in the scrapbooks for his future embarrassment.)  So, to help him like me, I decided to replace the baby pictures going up the stairs with a reminder on how to spell his last name.  This should earn me a really nice card and maybe even some candy for Mother's Day!

Cyrus enjoyed a long, leisurely nap on his beloved pillow while I tried not to bleed all over the frames as I hand-washed all the glass in the sink or tried not to fall down the stairs while putting the frames back on the wall.  He decided to nap only on one pillow today, but still used the other pillow as a back rest.

Monday, March 4, 2013


Yesterday's project.  Plus, a helpful reminder of who we are...

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Decisions, Decisions...

Cyrus couldn't decide which pillow to use yesterday, so he decided to use both.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Puhlease People...

Modern technology is wonderful.  It gives us shortcuts, puts the entire world at the tips of our fingers, and helps to make life so much easier.  It even helps to make life more pleasant by allowing us to avoid interacting with unpleasant people (for the most part).  But, it also is going to be the downfall of polite society if people don't remember a few simple rules:

1.  Take the cell phone away from your ear once in a while.  If your ear is numb or turning purple, you're probably on the phone too much.  Better yet...just stop talking on the phone while driving altogether.  You can wait until you reach your destination...and you may even be able to stay at a constant speed on the highway on your drive and not annoy the hell out of the people trying to pass you!

2.  Turn your cell phone off while at a school, play, speech, movie theater, or funeral parlor.  Seriously.  If you're at a venue where you need to hear what is being said, then so do others around you.  Turn it OFF...not to vibrate...but completely OFF!

3.  Stop texting at the dinner table, in the car, at the doctor's office, in the grocery store, or anywhere else where people are trying to engage you in a conversation...or trying to get around you.

4.  Return a message.  Any message left on your phone (either voicemail or text) or on your computer (email) needs to be replied to relatively sooner rather than later.  C'mon people, that's just rude to ignore someone.  Even if you don't have time for a lengthy chat, text, or email, it's just the right thing to acknowledge you received the message.  A simple email or text is better than nothing.  Give them a quick reply...even if you just tell them that life has you swamped and unable to breathe at the moment, but your message was important and you'll get back to them when you come up for a breath.

5.  If someone gives you something or does something nice for you...say thank you.  It's that simple and really does make a HUGE difference!  I'll even concede that a text or email saying "Thanks!" is better than nothing at all.  Not acknowledging something kind someone has done for you is inexcusable.  Always.

The world is definitely moving faster than it ever has.  I guess I'm just old-fashioned and believe that manners and common courtesy still belong in our world and separate us from the animals.  Animals at least have an excuse:  they don't have thumbs so it's a little more difficult for them to type or dial.