Thursday, December 20, 2012

Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas
From Our Sleigh to Yours

The Adams Family's Top Ten List of What Made Us Enjoy 2012
  1.  Keaton turned 21 and after celebrating with a nice dinner with us, he went out to celebrate with his roommates.  That's all we know and all we want to know.

  2.  Keaton and Matt saved gas money and the environment by carpooling together to work every day over the summer while Keaton worked at his internship.  Surprisingly, Keaton was able to stay awake in the car...especially while driving.

  3.  Matt & Deb took a trip out west to visit The Grand Canyon, Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park, and The Petrified Forest.  They spent some time in the Ozarks on the way home and, surprisingly, did not hear any banjo music.

  4.  Keaton finished his sophomore year at Kalamazoo College and began his junior year...still working toward a degree in computer science.  If he double majors with a degree in math, he could potentially become a very well-educated bookie.

  5.  Matt returned home from nearly two weeks in India for a work-related trip and thankfully didn't smell like curry.

  6.  Matt made his long-anticipated dream of collecting pinball machines a reality.  His collection now contains nine machines and he is a true pinhead.  (That's what pinball enthusiasts are called.  Really.  I'm not calling him a name.  Really.) 

  7.  Matt & Deb still dress up for Halloween and enjoyed a sports theme this year:  Matt was a short basketball player (we know it's a stretch to imagine, but he was on his knees), Deb was a referee, and Cyrus was a Detroit Lions football player.  Keaton wisely chose to stay at school to avoid any embarrassing family photos.

  8.  Matt had surgery in November, was a very good patient, and Deb didn't have to strangle him.

  9.  Deb is getting closer to realizing her dream of writing a book.  Now she just has to decide if it's going to be "How to Send Your Only Child Off to College  While Not Crying Hysterically and Hanging on His Feet While He Leaves" or "300 Ways My Husband Has Tried to Kill Me Over the Years".

10.  Cyrus has enjoyed his "pampering" a few times this past year when he developed a gut-wrenching hobble and Deb dutifully carried him around everywhere until he was back to normal.  We're still not completely sure Cyrus wasn't faking just so he could get lots of additional doting.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Kalamazoo College Security Blotter

The Kalamazoo College Security Blotter reports two tires slashed on two vehicles belonging to two players on the mens' basketball team.  The incident occurred sometime between the hours of 7:00 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 7th and 1:00 p.m.on Saturday, Dec. 8th.  The first victim's parents happened to be visiting (after serving the team a delicious home-cooked breakfast) and noticed a flat tire on their son's vehicle.  The mother of the victim, with her keen sense of observation and crime-solving capabilities, also noticed a flat tire on the vehicle parked next to her son's vehicle.  After investigating, it was determined two tires were in fact slashed...probably with a knife.  First victim's father jokingly reported to security to question basketball players from rival Hope College.  Both players had a bonus workout of changing tires added to their daily regimen.  The investigation continues...

Living in Michigan, we're thankful this didn't happen with a foot of snow!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Merry Christmas Decorations

We finally have our tree up...well, most of it.  Since Matt can't climb a ladder and I don't like to climb a ladder, we only put up 2/3 of our tree.  I miss the 12-foot size of it, but I guess this means it won't take us as long to take everything down! 
I made this ornament wreath this week. 
It's glittery and Cyrus has tracked the glitter all over the house!

Styrofoam + Paper + Wooden Stars + Paint + Hot Glue Gun = Cute!!!

I made these letters a few years ago.

I re-purposed some old ornaments by filling clear ornaments with gold ribbon and adding old, unused ornaments to a bowl.