Friday, March 3, 2017

February Update

We spent a romantic Valentine's Day together by making a trip to Menards. That wasn't all we did...we also went out to dinner.  ;-)

A couple of weeks ago, Matt told me to come check out the sunrise when he left for work.  I grabbed the camera and ran out to the driveway to get these spectacular shots of a gorgeous sunrise right in our side yard!

Keaton has hockey fever.  He's always liked hockey, but decided he wanted to try playing.  So, he put his name on a list to be added to a league in Kalamazoo...and he's been in love with the game ever since!  He's been going to open skates and taking skating lessons to help become a better player.  He finally let us come watch him play on Saturday night.  He played center and took a lot of face-offs.  He just might be the tallest player in the league.  I think he definitely has the longest hair!

December/January Update

Yay!  I finally have my old stuff transferred to the "new" computer!!  I'm so thankful our son has a degree in computer science and he has all sorts of cords and cables to make our technical life easier!!!

So, let's get updated from where I left off back in December.  Matt spread Christmas joy at work by making people smile and laugh when he wore the bunny suit from "A Christmas Story" to work.

We had our usual last-minute frantic scramble to create our annual family Christmas card. Every year I say I'm going to make our card at Thanksgiving...and every year I don't.  ;-)

We enjoyed Christmas at home with Keaton and Autumn...relaxed and comfortable in sweats.  After presents, we enjoyed a S'mores martini and a seafood dinner with crab legs and coconut shrimp.  Keaton and Autumn enjoyed a little nap.  (I just may have made the martinis a little too strong.)

On New Year's Eve, we rented a car and began our trek to Texas to watch Matt's beloved WMU Broncos play in the Cotton Bowl in Texas.

Our first stop was in Memphis to ring in the New Year with the guitar drop on Beale Street!

Before we made the drive over to Dallas the next day, we drove around Memphis to take in some sights.  We had to swing by Graceland, of course!  (We didn't have time to take a tour, but we definitely will tour it the next time we're in town.)

 Then we watched the duck parade into the lobby fountain at The Peabody Hotel.  It was soooo cute!!

We drove by St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.  (Keaton and Autumn both have toured it before, so that helped with our time management.)

 We drove by the Lorraine Motel...the sight of the tragic assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Keaton and Autumn took a lot of naps and had fun with their cell phones during the car ride.  I think they may be almost ready to get a dog.

Game Day!  We arrived at the stadium early to have fun tailgating before the game.  The weather was PERFECT...sunny and 80!  There were a TON of fellow Broncos!  While the victory didn't go to Matt's beloved Broncos, it was a great experience to sit in AT&T Stadium and see the 60 yd. TV screen!  WOW!!

Right after the game, we hit the road to start our drive back to Michigan.  We swung through St. Louis so Autumn could see the famous arch.  (We reminisced about the musical bridge I discovered in St. Louis years before. The story is that as we were sitting on a bridge stuck in traffic, I hung out the window snapping pictures of the St. Louis Arch.  I told Matt that I thought it was really neat to have a bridge that played music.  He looked at me with a weird expression on his face and told me that was because I was wearing headphones.  It was one of my finer blond moments.  We still laugh about it to this day!)

After we unpacked and took a breath, we celebrated my birthday at a tapas restaurant with good friends!  It was a great start to 2017!