Friday, March 3, 2017

February Update

We spent a romantic Valentine's Day together by making a trip to Menards. That wasn't all we did...we also went out to dinner.  ;-)

A couple of weeks ago, Matt told me to come check out the sunrise when he left for work.  I grabbed the camera and ran out to the driveway to get these spectacular shots of a gorgeous sunrise right in our side yard!

Keaton has hockey fever.  He's always liked hockey, but decided he wanted to try playing.  So, he put his name on a list to be added to a league in Kalamazoo...and he's been in love with the game ever since!  He's been going to open skates and taking skating lessons to help become a better player.  He finally let us come watch him play on Saturday night.  He played center and took a lot of face-offs.  He just might be the tallest player in the league.  I think he definitely has the longest hair!