Thursday, May 29, 2014

South Haven

We enjoyed a beautiful weekend camping in South Haven.  We enjoyed some biking and hanging out with friends.  Matt and his friend enjoyed some more extreme kayaking that we girls chose not to do...luckily. We enjoyed some shopping in the newly renovated downtown shopping district where I found my next funny sign. We enjoyed good food and we girls beat the guys in pinochle...FINALLY!  And not just once, but twice!!  Cyrus enjoyed lots of walks and some sun in his own chair because he doesn't sit on the ground like normal dogs...because he doesn't know he's a dog.

And we enjoyed watching the sun set over Lake Michigan.

And we enjoyed some less-extreme kayaking in the Black River.
And it sure would be nice if weekends lasted longer!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Pinball Showcase

On Saturday, we headed over to play some pinball at the Ann Arbor Pinball Showcase.  200 pinball games in one building.  Matt was in heaven.

Together, Matt and I battled each other on 58 different games of pinball. Then, we played some games separately.  (I only like the newer, flashier games.  Matt enjoys all eras and skill levels of pinball.)  I think I played about 70 games in six hours.  Six.  Hours.  That's a new record I never thought I'd set.  Whew...I may end up with carpal tunnel. We'll have to see if we can set a new record next year!


We played:
Terminator 3
Batman Dark Knight
Simpson's Pinball Party
World Poker Tour
Family Guy
Pirates of the Caribbean
Guns 'n' Roses
Jurassic Park
Tales from the Crypt
Phantom of the Opera
Time Machine
Revenge from Mars
The Addams Family
Creature from the Black Lagoon
Indiana Jones
Scared Stiff
Champion Pub
White Water
Strange Science
Party Zone
Flash Gordon
Lord of the Rings
Apollo 13
Iron Man
Bride of Pinbot
No Fear
Johnny Mnemonic
Judge Dredd
Star Trek
Tales of the Arabian Nights
The Getaway
Terminator 2
World Cup Soccer
Monster Bash
Fish Tales
Big Bang Bar
Twilight Zone
Cactus Canyon
Medieval Madness
Banzai Run
Attack from Mars
Star Trek
Still Crazy

Monday, May 12, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

We enjoyed a busy weekend that included watching a baseball game, a visit with some of Matt's family, a quick stop at Holland's Tulip Festival, and lots of mowing and work around the house.  Since I think Mother's Day is a Hallmark Holiday (because mothers should be thanked and appreciated EVERY day), I chose to stay home and get some stuff done while Matt was around.  His list keeps growing and growing. Matt surprised me with some new deck chairs and Keaton brought me tulips and Snickers.  (Pink of course...the flowers, not the Snickers.)  He and Matt are fabulous cooks and picked up some Chinese for dinner. We ended the night watching Game of Thrones and enjoying some homemade pavlova and berries I whipped up for dessert.  Yummmmm!

I just need a royal blue chair and my set will be complete.
Happy Mother's Day to me!

Friday, May 9, 2014

35 Days and Counting!

35 days until Keaton's college graduation!  Whoo-hoo!!  No, wait...HOLY COW!!!  We're having both sides of the family come for graduation and will host activities during that weekend.  Since we can't move into a nice, shiny, brand-new house before then, that means we have some work to do around here to get our house ready for a lot of people.  That only gives me 34 days to:  finish my spring cleaning (and this means scrubbing everything  upstairs and in the basement with a toothbrush), steam-clean the carpet, wash the upstairs screens and windows, paint the garage and garage cabinets, wash the garage floor, power-wash the pool deck, wash and repaint the patio furniture, plant flowers, change the landscaping in the front of the house, make slipcovers for the patio furniture, make Matt install a new vanity and sink in a bathroom, repaint the bathroom, make a slide show, and make a scrapbook for the graduation party.  Oh, and we're losing some  valuable working days with pre-scheduled camping trips and some other weekend events.  So, I really only have 26 days to complete my to-do list.  I. Can. Do. It.  I think.   Boy, I hope so. 
2010 - Freshman

2014 - Senior

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


What did I do with a $10 sheet from Walmart and a little creativity?  I made three valences for my windows in the living room and kitchen.  To attach them to the top of my pleated shades, I just used a magnet to hold them in place on top of the metal clips.  Voila!  I even have fabric left over and think I may have to try my hand at throw pillows next.