Wednesday, March 13, 2013

50 Rocks!

Our good friend (a.k.a. Matt's 'partner' in his adventure race partner, not the friendlier kind of partner) is turning 50.  We're going to celebrate with him and his wife by having dinner at The Melting Pot (YUM!!!!) and then listening to a band at the casino on Friday night.  I made a little gift bag for him...all done at home on my computer (and a little help from some store-bought items because I don't know how to make vodka...yet).  I'm happy with how everything turned out and I'm full of ideas for Matt's 50th birthday celebration!
I made labels with his name so he'll remember just in case he drinks this bottle in one sitting.

I made a CD with the Top Ten Songs of 1963 for his trip down memory lane.
(I didn't even know some of these songs.  This was WAY before my time!)

The #1 song of 1963 was 'Sugar Shack' by Jimmy Gilmer.
I'm not a fan.

I made some cute little candy bar wrappers and put them on fun-size candy bars (100 Grand).
I was very nice with all references about turning 50 because I know how bad his payback will be...years and years and years from now.

Ta da...the finished project!
I just bought a vase, put 50 rocks in the bottom, and loaded in the vodka bottle (with cute computer-made charms), added the CD, added a sheet loaded with fun facts about 1963, threw in the candy bars, and finished it off with a cute little sign.