Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Third Time's a Charm!!!

Yesterday we moved Keaton back into his home-away-from home for the school year...Severn Hall.  It's hard to believe he's beginning his junior year!  The time has flown by...and I haven't had nearly as many cocktails as I thought I'd need.  After moving him to school over the past two years, we have this moving-in stuff down to a science.  (It definitely helps that Keaton's a minimalist and doesn't bring a lot of extra stuff with him.)  We were able to move him back to school in two and a half vehicles.  (His girlfriend was nice enough to offer to bring some stuff in her car!)  So, while I cleaned the room, the guys moved everything up three flights of stairs to his new room.  It was a nice, organized move.  (Of course it was organized...I'd tolerate nothing less.)  We got his room all settled and left Keaton with hugs, homemade brownies, and a big pile of cables he'll have to untangle himself for all his electronic stuff.  As a computer science major, he's definitely more capable of hooking up all his stuff than we are.  Now I just have to decide whether or not to turn his room into my own personal shoe closet!

Vehicle #1:  packed to the brim.
Notice the case of Mt.'s in every college kid's survival kit.

Vehicle #2: packed to the brim.
Matt and Keaton did some body work and painting above the rear wheels of Keaton's Explorer.
Keaton said that when he's done with school, he's buying a new car...and a garbage can with an automatic lid.

Cyrus was a little antsy while Keaton packed. He stayed close to Keaton and ran upstairs to see if he was still home first thing in the morning.

This is Keaton's bedroom. We probably won't see his bed neatly made again for the rest of the school year.

Keaton shares his bedroom with a roomie. Their room is pretty big for sleeping, studying...and playing video games.

Keaton loves his new Red Wings rug. He had to make sure the coffee table wasn't blocking the logo.
This is our moving team and the other half of the common living area. He has five roommates and they now have seating for 10 people...or napping for 6 people. 
Notice that the coffee table does NOT block the Red Wings logo.
What do you do when you have an extra end table in your dorm room? 
You put the fridge on it more stooping to get in the fridge.  Plus there's now bonus storage for Mt. Dew and Gatorade underneath. 
Sometimes even I'm impressed with my organizational skills! 

We moved Keaton into his room and got him settled in two hours flat. I think we're definitely seasoned movers now.