Tuesday, September 4, 2012


We went to TN over the weekend so I could buy some shoes.  We didn't plan to go down for shoes.  We headed down to visit family and golf.  And by golf, I mean Matt and Keaton.  So, while they went golfing, we girls headed to do some shopping...and I ended up bringing home seven (yep, 7!) pairs of shoes.  They're girlie.  They're cute.  They're totally me.  And most of them were 60% off, so how could I NOT buy them?

I also found some clothes, sunglasses, jewelry, and my Halloween costume.  It's a referee uniform that Keaton told me I could not EVER wear to any of his games.  (He's no fun.  What's the point of having kids if you can't occasionally embarrass them?)  The guys wanted to go to the area clubhouses to check out the clearance items.  So while they looked at shirts and putters, I found a jacket...and ANOTHER pair of shoes.  They're golf shoes.  They're pink.  They're totally me.  Plus, they were 60% off.  Now I just have to find a cute pink golf bag and I'll be ready to hit the links.

It was a quick visit, but a nice one.  The guys enjoyed golfing and I enjoyed shopping.  Cyrus enjoyed all the food my dad made for him.  (Do other dogs get to eat French toast and ham sandwiches?)  Cyrus also enjoyed some wrestling.  It was a tight squeeze in the car riding back to Michigan, but totally worth it.  Eight pairs of shoes bought in a 24-hour period...that may be a tough record to break.  But, there's always next year's visit.