Thursday, September 13, 2012

Lucky Matt!

Matt's been on a lucky streak lately.  Not only is he fortunate to have me as his lovely wife, blessed to have Keaton as his wonderful son, and charmed to have Cyrus as his quirky dog...he won a new iPad last week.  Earlier in the summer, he entered a carpooling program sponsored by a green company in Grand Rapids.  He and Keaton carpooled most of the summer and both Matt and Keaton won gift cards for $25 and $15, respectively, drawn randomly by the Grand Rapids organization.  Yay for both of them!  Then, Matt's name was drawn for the great prize of the iPad!  Double yay!!  Keaton and I were excited when Matt brought it home and we both tried to claim it.  Spoiled rotten Keaton thought he might nab it.  Yeah, right.  It's totally going in my scrapbook room...when Matt's not using it for football stats on Sundays.  Matt bought a lottery ticket last night and we're keeping our fingers crossed that his lucky streak continues!