Sunday, September 16, 2012

Happy Birthday, Cyrus!

Sir Cyrus Pembroke turned the big 11 on Friday.  He began his day with his usual good-morning treat.  Then, he enjoyed a nice nap on the couch, carefully positioning himself so he could bask in the sunlight streaming in through the front door.  He awoke from his nap to then carefully jockey for position so he wouldn't be ignored during my breakfast and enjoyed a healthy bite of my omelet.  His after-breakfast nap was rudely interrupted when we lost power and the smoke alarms started chirping.  For some reason, that really bothered him and he climbed into Matt's shower to hide. 

I put his Thundershirt on him to help calm him down (and it worked), but he wasn't too happy because he has a hard time sitting in it, so he's forced to stand when he wears it.  And any of you who know Sir Cyrus can verify that he's a persnickety dog (euphemism for a big stinker) and doesn't like to stand for long periods of time...unless he's begging. (Even then, he usually sits and lays his head on your leg or the table...whatever he thinks is cuter at the time and will get him some people food.)  Once he calmed down, I tried to take some pictures of him. Tried. He was still pouting because I made him wear the Thundershirt for a bit and he refused to look at me for a picture. (See what I mean about being a little stinker?  He's definitely a strong-willed little guy.)

After Cy took another nap in the afternoon, enjoying the sun streaming in from the patio door this time around, a treat (hey, it was his birthday), a bite of my lunch, and another nap, we gave him a pat goodbye and headed up to the casino where I won $72.73 on my favorite slot machine!  Whoo hoo!  I was definitely the big winner last night...especially after Matt lost his one free hand playing blackjack.  (He had a free $30 voucher for a table game and he decided to try his luck at blackjack.  The dealer dealt him 20...and then she dealt herself 21.  Ugh!)  But, Matt redeemed himself before we left at the slot machine he likes and came away with a profit of about $40...after being down to a lowly $0.68.

We enjoyed a great dinner (and a fabulous piece of Mounds cheesecake!) and brought some donuts home for breakfast.   We even picked out a donut for our birthday boy.  He eagerly posed for his birthday picture and then enjoyed half of his yummy glazed donut.  Happy birthday, Cyrus!