Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fall Fun

My rough, cracked hands with their short broken nails can attest to the fact that my fall cleaning is officially finished.  Well, mostly.  All I have left is the carpet to shampoo and the seasonal closets to switch around.  But, looking at the almost 80-degree weather forecast for next week, I'll wait a bit for a chance to open the windows to dry the carpet...and enjoy another chance to wear shorts before they get packed up for a while.

Matt and I enjoyed a nice day in Grand Rapids with some nice friends looking at some nice art last weekend.  It's ArtPrize in Grand Rapids and that means there are thousands and thousands of people looking at all of the fabulous artwork on display.  It's a good thing we're tall and can see over so many people.  Looking at all the awesome art makes me wish I was that creative...or could draw a straight line.

In between my cleaning breaks, I was crafty and made some things for the porch.  I forget how much I love crafting and have decided to do it more often.  I've missed my hot glue gun more than I thought.  I may have even missed the blisters I usually get from it too...but just a little bit.


Matt spent this past week in South Carolina on a business trip.  Cyrus was my little shadow and my little bed hog.  I tried to enjoy all the extra room on our California king bed, but Cyrus had other ideas and kept me on the edge of the bed every night.  Keaton has been busy with school, working in the computer lab, and doing his pre-season workouts for basketball.  He stopped by last night to pick up a few things, grab some fresh-from-the-oven banana bread and to say a quick hi to Cyrus.  Cy welcomed Keaton home by tackling him on the couch.  Cyrus is going to be a football player for Halloween.  I think he's already getting into character.