Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Winner, Winner...Chicken Dinner!

I LOVE Frankenmuth!  Maybe it's the quaintness of the little town.  Maybe it's the cleanliness of the little town.  Maybe it's the charming shops lining the streets of the little town.  But, much more likely, it's probably the smell of fried chicken that keeps me coming back year after year after year.  We met my family in Frankenmuth over the weekend for a quick visit...and to enjoy some fried chicken.  It was definitely a short visit and I was disappointed not to have time to visit Bronner's and check out Christmas decorations or walk through the town and do some shopping.  But, having a dog at home really puts us on a leash and limits our time we can be away from home.  Still, it was nice to see the family, watch the Glockenspiel story, and eat!  (Thanks for dinner, Dad!!)

The story of the  Pied Piper of Hamelin told from the Glockenspiel. 
(I've heard it so many times that I just about have it memorized!)