Tuesday, July 3, 2012

25 Random Facts About Me

While visiting with family over the weekend, I came to the realization that nobody takes pictures of me...unless I specifically ask them to take a picture of me.  I may be lucky enough to be in one shot, but that's pretty much it.  As a scrapbooker, I know the importance of pictures and storytelling.  So, here's a little list of some random facts about me that I'll put in my scrapbook one day...once I have Keaton's scrapbooks all caught up.  Uh...make that IF I ever have Keaton's scrapbooks all caught up.

This picture of me was snapped at the Grand Canyon by Matt...after I told him to take a picture of me.
I wish my hair would have looked better, though. 
This is what happened to it after riding in the Jeep with the windows down. 
Oh well...it's still better to have a picture with bad hair than no picture at all.
  1. I'm not afraid of spiders and never kill them.  I always relocate them somewhere outside.  (I'm also not afraid of mice or snakes either.  But earwigs and June bugs freak me out.)
  2. I'm totally a mustard person. The spicier, the better. (I dip my fries in it and even put it on my mac and cheese.)
  3. I love high heels - the higher the better. (With Matt being 6'6", I can get them pretty darn high!!)
  4. I'm very bossy. (It's the oldest child syndrome and I can't help it.)
  5. My favorite candy bar is a frozen Snickers. (But, I don't like the Snickers ice cream bars. Yuck.)
  6. I LOVE Seinfeld!  My favorite episode is a tie between "The Contest (Master of Your Domain)" and "The Soup Nazi".  (Cyrus is often called "shmoopie".)
  7. I never step on manhole covers or grates.  Ever.
  8. I love to read and even read while I blow-dry my hair in the morning.
  9. I love Mexican food and could eat it every day.  (I'm not a huge fan of Italian food, though.)
  10. I'd love to have a pet monkey. But I won't because I know they're wild animals. So, maybe I'll just rescue them and have my own personal monkey island some day.
  11. I hate the sight, smell, color, and taste of peas.  (I gagged now just thinking about them.)
  12. I'm afraid of heights.
  13. I'd have a dozen dogs if Matt would let me (and the allergies would allow it).  But, they'd have to be small dogs...big dogs scare me.  (I've been known to jump on Matt's back if a big dog gets too close.  I even climbed on his shoulders once...Matt's shoulders, not the dog's.)
  14. I can't sleep at night unless my closet door is closed.  And my bathroom door.
  15. I prefer caramel over chocolate. (Which makes it easier for Matt and Keaton to battle for the last piece of chocolate cake.)
  16. I have my clothes arranged in my closet by the order of the color spectrum.  My socks, too.
  17. I believe in ghosts, but not Bigfoot. (That's just silly.)
  18. I love fountain Coke from McDonald's, but I don't like Coke from a can or bottle. I'm totally a Pepsi person...and not that nasty diet stuff.
  19. My toenails are always painted between Easter and Christmas.  Usually in a shade of pink. 
  20. I eat leftovers for breakfast...not breakfast food.  (Cold pizza is the best.)
  21. I haven't slept an entire night through since I had Keaton.   
  22. I love girlie, fruity drinks...especially when they have whipped cream on them and come with an umbrella.  I don't like the smell or taste of beer.  (It wouldn't be too awful if only it didn't taste  or smell like beer.)
  23. I hate the smell of crayons.
  24. I won't ever go into the ocean any deeper than my waist.  (I may have seen Jaws one time too many.)
  25. I have to have the toilet paper dispense OVER the roll and have been known to change it at other people's houses.