Monday, July 9, 2012

Red Feet

I've been tracing our family history and have been told I'm a descendant of the Blackfoot Indian tribe.  But, I'm thinking it should be more like the Redfoot tribe.  Yesterday morning was FINALLY cool enough for us to sit outside and enjoy the morning on the deck.  Since I can't ever sit and relax unless everything is clean, I rinsed off the deck first and then enjoyed breakfast and the Sunday paper outside.  Before coming into the house, I wiped my wet feet on the rug and discovered the dye from the rug was now on my feet.  Before I crawled into the shower...literally, so the dye wouldn't get on the carpet...I had Matt take a picture of my feet.  I'm still researching my family roots and will now be checking for any long-lost relatives of the Redfoot people.