Friday, July 6, 2012


This is Chubs.  He's our friendly little squirrel that eats and eats and eats most of the bird food from our bird feeder...hence, the name "Chubs".  He's a friendly little guy who doesn't seem afraid of me.  We met a couple of months ago when I was sitting at the dining room table and he walked right up to the patio screen door and put his little paw on the screen, as if to see if he could come inside.  I was in the middle of painting and just told him no and he just turned around and walked away.  I'm not sure, but he may have even shrugged at me as he turned and walked away.  He's come up to the door a few times since then to check and see what's going on inside the house.  (I think he's hot and wants to come inside to enjoy the air conditioning.)  I say hi to Chubs and talk to him while I'm doing the dishes.  He comes a little closer to me each time I'm outside.  If I sit at the patio table, he'll venture up to the pond for a drink...about five feet from where I'm sitting.  I talk to him and he actually just sits and looks at me, like he's trying to figure out what I'm saying.  He's so cute!  Matt and Keaton think I'm crazy to have named him, to talk to him...and especially to take pictures of him.  Just wait until they come home from work one day and find Chubs wearing a collar and leash.  ;-)