Thursday, July 5, 2012

Chicken Boy

Cyrus has many names:  Sir Cyrus, Cy, Puppy Boy, Cy-Cy, Shmoopie, Pookie...and Chicken Boy.  Last night's fireworks definitely made for a long night with Chicken Boy.  The shaking, digging, and panting began about 5 p.m. when people started lighting fireworks.  Cyrus hid in our bedroom for a while and we were able to coax him out a few times...until there was another explosion and he ran right back to hide in the bedroom.  I went outside to collect the towels and bathing suits from the deck and came back inside to find Cyrus hiding in Matt's shower.  He was pretty darn cute with just his little face peeking out.  Poor little guy.  He did a little better in the basement last night with the TV blaring.  He still shook and panted, but he finally just crawled into a corner to curl up and fall into an exhausted we all could thankfully sleep.  Well, at least until the next thunderstorm.