Sunday, July 15, 2012

"New" House

I can't stand a project left unfinished.  I'm impatient and I'm an immediate gratification kind of girl.  I like to admire the fruits of my labor...preferably the same day.  Last Sunday, we (meaning I) decided it was time to update the outside of the house and repaint the shutters and front door.  After a thorough washing of the shutters, it was time to start washing the house.  We were a great team and washed the back of the house...Matt washed the high parts on the ladder and I washed the low parts I could reach.  Then, once the sun headed over the house, we moved to the front to begin washing.  That's when the power washer quit working.  Ugh!  Matt tinkered with it, researched it online, and ended up having to take it to a shop for repairs.  It wasn't ready for this weekend's desperately-needed cleaning.  We did get the shutters and front door painted, though.  I'm loving the new color...and no, it's not pink!  I'll post the pictures just as soon as we can finally wash the rest of the house and re-hang the shutters.  The waiting is driving me crazy!!

A 'before' picture of the shutters.  I'm so tired of blue and am so happy with the new paint color...but you'll have to wait for the 'after' picture!

The house doesn't look too dirty...until you spot the shutter shadows.  It's hard to believe we've been in this house for 15 years!