Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Radiator Removal

Holy cow...we get a lot of snow in west Michigan.  I thought we got a lot at our old house, but we get even more the closer to Lake Michigan we get.  (Our goal is to end up living on Lake Michigan one day...after we win the lottery!)  We've pretty much had over a foot of snow every single week this winter. I've shoveled pretty much every foot of it too.  Unless it's that heavy, wet snow.  I leave that for Matt and the snowblower.

So, yesterday we got...wait for it...another foot of snow.  There was absolutely NOTHING on TV last night and I was sick of constant updates of stupid election stuff, so I talked Matt into removing the old radiator that ran under the sink in the kitchen. It took some finagling, but he was able to cut it, bend it, and rip it out. There was over 60 years of dirt and dust hiding behind the trim and radiator. No treasures...except for a piece of dog food, a cracker, and a beer cap. Nine more radiators to go in the house! Let the treasure hunt begin!!

The next nine radiators are much bigger than this little guy.
Matt's going to get a workout.