Monday, February 29, 2016

Wallpaper Wonders

Wallpaper should be illegal.  It's horrible and awful to remove...unless you use a steamer.  WOW!  All these years, I've been using DIF and fabric softener and spray bottles and an old iron and scoring tools and scraping tools trying to remove wallpaper.  And it took forever.  And I did a lot of swearing.  Matt found a Wagner power steamer online for $30 and it's magic!  I was able to remove the yucky wallpaper in the entryway in less than an hour.  (We know they have steamers available to rent, but we wanted to avoid renting a steamer a dozen times with all the wallpaper removal we'll be doing throughout the house.  Plus, we saved a ton of money by just having our own to use at our pace!)  The little Wagner steamer is awesome and makes wallpaper removal quick and easy.  Whoo hoo!  That's my kind of project!

New doors are on the "need to purchase" list.

Saturday was a gorgeous day to go snowshoeing!  We headed over to the local state game area to hit the trails.  After a foot of snow we had earlier in the week, not all the trails were clear.  That's fine...I had a good time freeing the frozen branches from the ground and watching them spring up and fling snow all over.

This is a trail.
It got MUCH wider when we freed
the snow-bound branches.

After our snowshoeing workout, it was time to grout the tile in the kitchen!  Yay!!  Matt wasn't sure about my choice of white grout, but I kept telling him to trust me:  the white will be clean, the white will lighten the tiles, the white will tie in the white cabinets...the white is what we're going with.  I think I made the right choice.