Monday, March 28, 2016

Snow White?

I have this theory that I'm a reincarnated Disney Princess because animals seem to love me.  I talk to animals and they listen to me.  After I name animals that frequent our yard, I talk to them when they come to visit. They sit and listen to me...most of the time doing what I tell them.  Sometimes my squirrels don't want to share the goodies from the bird feeder and they squabble.  I just tap on the window and tell them to be nice and they stop trying to chase each other away and share the food. When the blue jays start being bullies and start their squawking, I tell them to stop and be quiet. They obey.

Just after we moved in, the neighbor's dog was loose and was out in the road.  I was sitting on our porch watching the kiddos across the street trying to catch him. I clapped my hands twice and the dog immediately made a beeline for me and jumped onto my lap.  Seriously.  I've never met him.  He just hung out on my lap until we found the owner.

I just had a visit from a robin at our office window.  I walked into our office and he was sitting on the window ledge.  I slowly approached and chatted to him as I got closer.  He stared at me (do birds even have eyelids?) and kept cocking his head like he understood everything I said to him.  Then, every time I sat down at the desk or turned away from him, he started tapping on the window.  (The window is's only in the 30s.  He was probably trying to see if it was spring on my side of the window.) So, I'd turn and talk to him some more.  He kept doing this.  I wanted to get a picture of him, but when I walked away to go grab the camera, he started tapping REALLY hard and I didn't want him to hurt his beak or crack my window.  I finally had to tell him to stop and go sit in the tree. He did.

I wonder what would happen if I wore my Snow White costume.  Would my menagerie follow me around like a parade?  Maybe I'll just have to try it sometime.  Or, I could just leave the door open and Matt could come home to our own personal zoo!