Sunday, June 7, 2015

Team Lost Dumasse Rides Again!

We spent the weekend up at Silver Lake so Matt and his partner, Dave, could do another adventure race. It was a grueling 5-hour race with 25 miles of biking, orienteering through woods, and scaling up huge sand dunes on their hands and knees. They finished 33rd out of 244 teams, snagging 23 of 40 checkpoints.  Not too bad for a couple of middle-aged guys running all around town with a team name of Lost Dumasse (it's really Lost Dumbass, but for some reason the adventure racing officials frown on profanity.)  They had a great time!! (The leaders in the five-hour race got 29 out of 40 checkpoints. It was definitely a very hard race!)  I told Matt I'd actually consider doing one if I only had to ride 10 miles on my bike (downhill both ways, of course), didn't have to get dirty or sweaty, and could stay on groomed trails in the woods where things couldn't  touch me (leaves, branches, bugs, etc.) I guess I'll have to find a princess race somewhere. Something where I could wear pretty sparkly shoes.

After the race, and a much-needed shower for Matt, we drove up to Pentwater to watch the sunset.  It was spectacular.  I don't think I've ever seen a bad sunset on Lake Michigan.

Pentwater Light Station