Friday, May 29, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend Memories

We loaded up the RV and hit the road on Saturday morning.  (One day late due to a flat tire on Friday. Oh well.  At least it didn't happen while we were traveling!) Our destination...Manistee.  We enjoyed a well-deserved weekend of relaxing after working so hard around our house the past month.  (I deserved the weekend a little more than the boys because I had to do all the cleaning, cooking, and packing of the RV!) Keaton and his lady love went with us.  She had only camped in a tent and enjoyed the Taj Mahal experience of the motor home...especially when it rained.  

I found Minion cookies!
I LOVE MINIONS!  They make me smile!!  :-)  

The stairs to and from the beach wore them out.
(Or it may have been our 8 a.m. departure time.)

Matt was happy to do some fishing...
even if it was only over the campfire.
I would LOVE to live on Lake Michigan!