Monday, May 18, 2015

13 Pinballs + 1 Girl = High Score!

Friday, Matt and I headed over to the Ann Arbor Pinball Showcase.  We played lots of pinball and, again, I discovered I was one of only a handful of girls there.  But, before I left, I was able to show them that girls can play pinball just as well as boys.  Well, at least some of the time.  After playing a game and unlocking 13 multiballs, I was able to put my initials on a game for high score...something I've never done before!  Luckily Matt was hovering nearby so he could do it for me.  (Like I said, I've never done it before and had absolutely no idea how to leave my initials!)

We played a couple of games from Italy...and the double
flippers and timed games were definitely different!
Sunday, we hit the bike trails in Kalamazoo and rode 10 miles.  I still need to find a trail that's downhill both ways, though!  ;-)

No, we did NOT wear matching shirts on purpose!