Saturday, April 11, 2015

Spring Break

My sister and her kids enjoyed some of their spring break by coming for a visit to their favorite sister/aunt's house.  We took them to South Haven for lunch and to see the sights.  (They agreed that Clementine's had the best onion rings they've ever had!)  We posed for pictures by the lighthouse and along the pier and were surprised to see big chunks of ice still floating in the water. We wandered through some shops and the kids had a great time laughing at the Poo-pourri (scented bathroom sprays with hilarious names like "Heavy Doody" and funny descriptions). My sister and I laughed the hardest at the "Drinking Buddies" I got:  six little plastic guys with names on their shorts that hang on the side of your glass.  I figure I'll never have to drink alone again.

We also did some house hunting along the way to South Haven. The kids liked the houses we were interested in and renamed them "The Butt House" (it's on a lake and the peninsula does kind of look like a derriere) and "The Crap House" (this one had dog poop on the sidewalk which Matt stepped in...twice).  We planned to go through the houses with our realtor on Monday and were sad to see both were taken off the market this weekend. Oh well.  Maybe it was meant to be that we didn't get to buy them. I don't think I'd want to live in a house with a really bad nickname.  I'm a little nervous about what they'll call our next house.

So, after touring west Michigan, we came home and played some pinball.  Matt was pretty happy to have some kids to play pinball with and was sad to have to go to work while the kids got to play pinball all day.  I tried to talk Karie into taking a machine with her, but she just wasn't as excited about the idea as I was.  To enjoy even more pinball, Matt got out his 1,000-piece pinball puzzle. We got 999 pieces put together and are still looking for the final piece.