Friday, March 27, 2015

Girl Power!

Yesterday, I went to pick up a good friend of mine for a much-needed day of shopping and lunch.  First, though, we had a problem to tackle:  how to jump my dead battery.  As we were chatting getting into my Durango, I put on my seatbelt, turned the key, and huh...nothing happened.  So, I tried again. Nothing...double huh.  I tried the 'third time is the charm' trick...and nothing.  Triple huh. We struck out. But, we didn't let that stop us.  I called Matt and he wasn't at his desk or answering his cell.  I called Keaton and he wasn't answering his cell.  My friend went to the neighbor's house and he wasn't home. We didn't have anyone to help us, so we decided to do what all women should do in a crisis:  WE TOOK CARE OF IT OURSELVES!  My friend got out some jumper cables from her garage and we hooked them up between her vehicle and mine.  I will admit there were some sparks and I'm glad she was holding the cables because I would have screamed and possibly caught my hair-sprayed hair on fire.  We struggled getting my vehicle to turn over.  Matt finally called me and verified that we did in fact know what a battery looked like and we actually did have things connected correctly.  But, we still couldn't get it started.  So, we did what all women in a crisis should do:  WE DIDN'T GIVE UP!  We could have done the easy thing and just pushed my vehicle out of the way and had Matt come over later to take care of the problem when he got out of work. But, we aren't quitters! So, we dug out my shorter, but newer, jumper cables to try, did the Austin Powers wiggle-back-and-forth vehicle move to get the batteries closer, and finally got my vehicle started. Yay for us girls! And we did it without anything catching on fire, blowing up, or breaking a nail!!