Friday, August 24, 2012

Poor Pookie

Poor Cyrus has had a rough couple of days.  He started acting uncomfortable on Wednesday night and couldn't seem to sit without it hurting.  He had a restless night (which means I also had a restless night) and I took him in to see the vet yesterday morning.  It looks like he has a pulled or strained muscle in his back and it's making his hind quarters sore.  She gave him some anti-inflammatory/pain meds and he seems to be doing better.  He slept a lot yesterday and didn't seem so uncomfortable last night.  He was even able to sit without fidgeting like he did the day before.  This morning, he wagged his tail at me and has a bit of a spring back in his step.  He's still having some trouble managing the step to go outside and can't really lift his back legs.  (That's AWFUL to watch and I just carry him.)  We're still keeping a close eye on him to rule out any abdominal blockage, but it looks like it's a sore back.  Poor little guy.  He wants to jump up on the couch so badly and just has to settle with cuddling with me on the floor instead.  I can't wait until he's back to his old self again...jumping around and wiggling his little rear end and stubby tail.  I also can't wait to be able to sit on the furniture again.  This sitting on the floor stuff is starting to hurt MY back.

Life would be so much easier if he could just talk and tell us what's bothering him.