Thursday, August 16, 2012

New Books!

I haven't been in a creative mood lately and haven't done any scrapbooking.  I could blame it on the heat wave.  I could blame it on the drought.  I could blame it on spending time in the pool.  In reality, I just haven't felt motivated.  I can't scrapbook if I don't feel motivated..and if the laundry isn't finished, the dishes aren't done, and the house isn't clean.  So, to try and get myself motivated to get working on Keaton's books, I made some spiffy labels for all the new books I've filled so far.  The plan is to confine a year of his life to three books.  Maybe four.  I'm really hoping it won't be five.  (These are 12x12 binders.  That's a lot of photos!)  I love my new books.  They're shiny and bright.  I have other colors ready and wating to be filled with memories of my baby.  I also have labels printed and ready to be put in the new books.  Now I just need to get busy filling them...   

3 books planned for each year x 18 years = 54 books
I may need a bigger scrapbook room...or a bigger house.

I have five years finished.  Mostly.  I just need to add some school papers to them and then I'll be done.
That will help us get rid of  five storage bins in the basement. 
But, don't tell Matt because he'll only want to move in another pinball machine!