Monday, August 20, 2012

Jell-o Shots & German

What do jell-o shots and German have in common?  Well...not only did I make jell-o shots with schnapps over the weekend, but I'm now teaching the dog German.  My guys think I'm goofy and maybe, possibly slightly crazy.  I don't care.  It's fun either way.

Anyway, we had some people over on Saturday for a triple "P" party:  pool, ping-pong, and pinball.  I made some jell-o shots and put them in hollowed-out fruit.  They were pretty darn yummy and oh so cute!
I made watermelon jell-o shots and poured them into lime halves and then cut them into wedges after the jell-o was set. 
I made some vodka sunrise jell-o shots (cherry & orange) and put them into oranges.
I saved all the pulp for future marinades and put the rinds in the garbage disposal to freshen it up.  Waste not, want not!

I had an idea yesterday to try for Cyrus's barking issues.  I've tried lots and lots and lots of various methods to get him to stop barking.  (I pretty much gave up after watching an episode of "The Dog Whisperer" and even renowned dog expert Cesar Milan gave up on some yippy dogs and said that terriers just bark.)  I draw the line at bark collars.  I just can't do anything that may harm a dog...especially my dog.  So, I thought that maybe Cyrus would obey better if I used German commands.  (He's a schnauzer, so maybe hundreds of years of ingrained German is buried somewhere deep inside him.)  So, I started trying to teach him last night.  So far, he's catching on.  I still have some German to learn for myself first so I can teach him...and then Matt and Keaton.  (I can already see them rolling their eyes.)  If I can't get Cyrus to stop barking, then I guess the words on my front door mat will be my excuse.
Platz! (Down!)
Fein gemacht!  (Good boy!)