Monday, February 9, 2015


I'm eternally grateful that my sisters share my twisted sense of humor.  We had the sad task of saying a final farewell to our dad almost two weeks ago.  I was assigned the difficult task of writing his obituary and eulogy.  I told my dad I didn't want to write them, but he insisted...even after I kept telling him that I'm a smart-ass.  He said that's why he wanted me to write them.  So, I kept my promise and I hope I made him proud...and laugh a few times.

My sisters and I not only share the same sense of humor, but we approach life with the same attitude. We'd much rather laugh than cry.  My dad told us there wasn't any crying when we'd tear up while visiting him in his final weeks.  He told us we were stronger than that.  (Did I mention he was an ex-Marine?)  So, we wiped away the tears and made him laugh instead...just like he did with us.  My dad had a great sense of humor and maintained it even while his body was shutting down.  While we were visiting, the hospice nurse came to the house to check on him.  When I went to answer the door, he thought he'd be funny and yelled out, "Help, help!" while my sisters were left alone with him.  They kept shushing him and he just laughed and thought he was hilarious.  So, we know who we get our sense of humor from...because we had to agree that was pretty hilarious.

My sisters and I chose to wear matching dresses for his visitation.  We've always been referred to as "the girls" and "Butch's girls".  After the service, we also changed into matching shirts.  They made everyone smile and laugh.  That was our goal.  As I wrote on my facebook wall when I posted his obituary, "Uncontrollable criers will be escorted to the nearest open bar."   He would have liked that.  He didn't want people to be sad. Neither did we.  So, we hope we made my dad proud...and laugh a few times.