Monday, November 24, 2014

Post-Op & Birthday Weekend

Matt's vein procedure went well on Thursday and he spent the entire weekend in the recliner with his leg elevated and being waited on hand and foot...pun intended.  Keaton came home for the weekend and I spent the weekend cooking and baking.

Matt at home recuperating after his procedure.

I recuperated at home after sitting in the hospital waiting room with people coughing by killing any plague germs with Bailey's Caramel and Buttershots in toasted marshmallows.  Yum!

Since Matt wasn't up to going out and doing anything to celebrate his birthday, he spent the day eating yummy homemade food and being allowed to control the TV remote for the entire day! Happy birthday to him!!
Birthday Breakfast:  omelet, potatoes, bacon, & banana bread

Birthday Dinner:  crab legs with warmed butter, baked potatoes, salad,  & cheddar/garlic biscuits

Birthday Cake:  chocolate layer cake with cherry pie filling between the layers, smothered in chocolate frosting, and topped with more cherry pie filling and toasted almonds

Keaton got Matt a new rake since Sanford still uses a rake with half the tines missing.
Keaton and Cyrus took a nap together.
Cyrus loves when Keaton comes home to visit...and cuddle.