Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Bathroom Project

I believe couples thinking about getting married should not only attend couples counseling, but they should be required to complete a remodeling project together. That's a true test if you're compatible...being able to remodel without a huge fight or throwing a tool at one another. Matt and I have done a lot of remodeling together...we re-did numerous rooms in our old house, completely finished the basement in our current house, built a deck, and are now updating rooms in our current house. Don't get me wrong, we have our temper flare-up moments during a remodeling project. Matt gives me numerous sighs while I seriously wonder what would happen if I dropped the hammer on his toe.  But, we each take a deep breath and get back to the project at hand because, deep-down, Matt knows I'm right.  He also knows he's going to end up doing it my way and he better hurry up so I can get the house put back together before I go crazy. That's why we get along so well.

The current project:  Matt's bathroom.  It was functional, but old and out-dated.  We bought a new vanity, sink/counter top combo, paint, and floor tiles on Saturday.  On Sunday, we cleared out the bathroom, pulled out the old vanity, and Matt ripped up the old floor while I ran to another bathroom to throw up.  Seriously. I may have a new record for how fast I ran. There was mold under the floor from a leaking seal under the toilet and I am very sensitive to odors...especially musty smells. Gross. So, Matt had to cut away the sub-floor and will have to replace it.  That's added a few extra days to the project, but hopefully we can get back on track to get the bathroom finished and functioning by Thanksgiving. (Matt's having a vein procedure done on his leg tomorrow, so we'll have to postpone any remodeling until next week.)  I'm optimistic...and impatient.  I also don't like my house being messy.

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