Thursday, October 9, 2014

Keaton's "New" Car!

Keaton bought a "new" car last week!  It's a 2011 Lincoln MKZ and it's really cute.  (I don't think he'd like me calling it cute, but it really is!)  It's fully loaded with heated and cooling seats, a sunroof, and blue-tooth. Keaton is our practical planner.  He's been looking at used cars for months and months.  He wanted something with better gas mileage, but just couldn't seem to justify spending so much on anything brand-new. He ran the numbers hundreds of times and even made spreadsheets to track his spending.  He debated if he even wanted something now or if he should just wait a few more years.  He debated with us, without us, and with himself.  He finally decided to enjoy life and get something nice to drive now.  Now maybe I can talk Matt into having us enjoy life with a newer vehicle too!

New license plate.