Friday, April 4, 2014

It's Official

Yay...Keaton has officially been offered and officially accepted a position at the company he interned at over the summer and has been working at part-time this school year.  He'll be 'Applications Developer' at the local branch of the company after he graduates in June.  The company he'll be working for is awesome!  It's young and hip and he's really enjoyed working there so far.  They have a very relaxed work atmosphere complete with a game room with video games and a game console, snack rooms stocked with products from their clients...and an ice cream bar.  He's so excited...and so are we!  It's great to watch him begin the next chapter of his life and see what exciting things are coming next!!

Six different flavors of Plainwell ice cream available...yum!
Every. Single. Day.

They actually have an old soda fountain counter...complete with hot fudge continuously heating.