Monday, August 19, 2013

The Next-to-Last College Move

Keaton has made his next-to-last college move.  Wow...the time has flown by since we moved him into his dorm room for his freshman year three years ago.  We (and a nice friend who volunteered and wasn't blackmailed into helping) helped him move into a house that he'll be sharing with six other guys.  He took his bed and about half of his clothes from our house. His uncle was nice and donated some furniture and kitchen odds and ends from his bachelor days.  The house is awesome and has two kitchens, three bathrooms, and seven bedrooms. It's located across the street from campus (appropriately on Academy St.) and will be an easy commute to class.  I spent about seven hours cleaning the upstairs areas that Keaton will be occupying most of his time to ensure he doesn't contract any strange diseases.  (He said the house had been cleaned, but let's face it, nobody will ever clean it to my strict standards.) It was pretty gross...even Matt agreed...but is now smelling and looking much better after our thorough scrubbing and sanitizing.  We used an entire extra-large economy-sized bottle of antibacterial wipes on the kitchen, his bedroom, and one bathroom alone.  I steam-cleaned his bedroom carpet three times and the water was black and absolutely disgusting.  I won't even talk about the other upstairs bathroom because I'm going to need serious therapy to revisit those memories.  For now, they're safely tucked away in the back of my mind and I'm hoping I can one day forget how absolutely horrible, disgusting, awful, terrible and frightening it was. (I just shuddered while thinking about it.)  Happy thoughts.  Happy thoughts.  Happy thoughts.   

Now Keaton is happily living in his house and is currently responsible for all of his meals.  He made his first dinner and sent us pictures of spaghetti, garlic toast, and green beans.  (Yay! He remembered to have a vegetable with dinner!  Oh and I could see his desk in the background of the picture, so I know he wasn't really eating at a restaurant!)  I've spent the past week picking up odds and ends so he'll be self-sufficient and nicely decorated.  (Sorry, although he thought the towel and blanket he hung on his bedroom windows worked, I had to veto that decorating decision and picked up some curtains to hang.)  Matt and I stopped by on Friday night to bring him more goodies and get his curtains ironed and hung...and I totally forgot to bring the camera for pictures.  I guess I'll just have to stop by this week for a visit.  I'll just be sure to bring lots of food so he doesn't think I'm a stalker...even more than he already thinks I am.   

He took all of his electronics in his vehicle.
Matt & I got to take the rest of his stuff.
His top priorities were getting his computer set up and connected...
...and his TV connected to cable.
Home Sweet Home