Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Bees: 21, Me: 0

Matt has a lot of making up to do with me and it better involve something pretty and sparkly...or something really good to eat.  While helping him do some mowing for someone he worked with, I was attacked by bees and got stung 21 times.  (We think it was 21, but it was probably more.  It was hard to count with all the red splotchiness and welts all over my body).  

Sunday, Matt hopped on the tractor and I got stuck with the push mower.  As I mowed a little bit, I felt some stinging on my legs and thought I must have mowed over a stick and was getting hit by splinters.  As I looked down, I saw bees around my legs.  Then, when I cut the engine on the mower, I heard even more buzzing around my head and that's when I took off running and yelling for Matt to spray me with the hose.  I don't think I've ever asked to be sprayed by a hose ever in my life.  Ever.  He was on the tractor and didn't know what was happening as I was frantically running around and flailing my arms around me screaming at him.  His first thought was that I just lost my foot mowing, but then realized that wasn't the case since I was running.  Then, he saw the bees all around me and on me.  He kept yelling at me to hold still so he could swat them off me and I kept running around like a crazy person yelling at him to get the hose.  We ran to the spigot and there was NO FREAKING HOSE!  Matt finally got the bees off me, I sucked down some Benadryl and off we went to the nearest medical facility so I could get a shot of epinephrine.   

After returning to the scene of the crime, Matt found two holes near some rocks that must have been hiding the little buggers.  I must have mowed over the holes with the push mower and they obviously didn't like it and came out angry and seeking revenge.  Yay, me.  I'm glad it didn't happen to Matt while he was alone...or it didn't happen to the little boy that lives at that house.  I have been fogged out on Benadryl and have spent the last couple of days napping and just taking it easy, waiting for my hives to go away.  I think some pretty jewelry would help them go away more quickly.