Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Poor Puppy

Our poor puppy had a rough day at the vet yesterday.  He had five teeth removed that were cracked/chipped and a cyst removed in his neck/shoulder.  He had a rough night with lots of fidgeting and squeaking.  That means that we also had a rough night because he sleeps in bed with us.  He's not supposed to jump, so we pulled the mattress out to the living room as we all tried to get some sleep.  Tried.  Today, he's been cuddling right next to me and has followed me around the house.  I was hoping to get another room cleaned in my spring cleaning blitz, but I think it's better if we just cuddle on the couch instead so he's still.  If we're lucky, we'll even be able to take a little nap.  Yep, I think a nap is on the agenda...especially with the stormy forecast tonight and tomorrow.  There's absolutely no sleeping if it storms.  At least he doesn't squeak when he's scared...he just trembles and makes the whole bed shake with him.

Poor, pathetic puppy.


As a scrapbooker, I had to bring some of his shaved fur and teeth home for his scrapbook...his fourth scrapbook.

 Hmmmm...I wonder how weird the vet will think I am when I ask for the staples for his scrapbook.

Five pulled teeth + twelve staples = mashed potatoes for dinner!

Luckily the mattress fit in the living room, so he was able to cuddle with me...squeaking and fidgeting all night long.

Someone's ready to take a nap with me on the couch.