Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Pinball and Even More Pinball

It's been a busy week at the Adams' Homestead.  Let's see...

Matt and I headed over to the Detroit area for the annual Michigan Pinball Expo.  It was...interesting.  There were lots of pinball machines and lots of people.  That meant waiting in line to play every game.  While waiting, I had lots of time to study the people around me.  I found some very interesting people.  There is an entire underground world of over-the-top pinball enthusiasts...and I think some of them only come up above ground from their parents' basements for the expo.  Seriously.  Some of them reminded me of meerkats.  They'd bob their heads around, do a lot of blinking while looking for an open machine, twitch their noses, and then dart across the room.  I had a hard time not telling them to untuck their pinball t-shirt from their khaki pants and never, ever wear white socks with black shoes.  Ever.  Then, I really wanted to find them a girl to talk to.  But, there weren't many girls at the expo and those that were there might have frightened the guys with their multiple tats, piercings, and neon hair color.  Matt and I still enjoyed ourselves, though, and played the new games this year:  The Avengers and The Wizard of Oz.  Matt is a conservative pinball collector, not spending much money on his machines.  But, I have to say, The Wizard of Oz is incredible and might be worth selling a kidney to purchase.

The Wizard of Oz was incredible...definitely my favorite!!
The flippers were ruby slippers (sparkly, of course).  Who wouldn't LOVE that?!
The Avengers was fun to play. 
These games are MUCH brighter, faster, and louder than ours.

We have this game at home, but not all pimped out with the colored LED lights.
Guess what Matt's next project is?

On the way home, we stopped at a restaurant/bar that had lots and lots of pinball machines.
We had dinner and did what else...played even MORE pinball!


Matt and his "partner" (adventure racing/training partner, not the other kind...I just need to clarify) took their kayaks out for a nice workout at Yankee Springs.  They enjoyed the sunshine and came back dry, so it was a good day on the water...especially for Matt's maiden voyage in his new kayak.

No water inside the kayak is a good sign he picked a good one!

We watched the national championship basketball game last night from the comfort of our couch.  While we were disappointed to see Michigan lose, it was still a great game!  None of us won any money in the brackets this year, but Matt did pick the winner...Louisville.  Oh well, hopefully one of us does better next year!

Cyrus wore his lucky jersey, but it didn't work so much last night.