Friday, February 8, 2013

The Joys of January

Basketball, snow, more basketball, more snow, my birthday celebration, and a little pinball pretty much sums up our past month.  Keaton continues to battle stomach issues and isn't practicing or playing much basketball this season.  Doctor visits and testing isn't revealing anything concrete...but we're hopeful they'll find something and be able to help him manage the pain.  In the meantime, he'll continue to try to manage his discomfort...and I'll be outside shoveling the snow.
We didn't make the drive for a game and watched it instead on the iPad. 
Even Cyrus watched for a while...until he fell asleep.

We took Keaton up to Grand Rapids for a little pinball and the best burritos in town!

We went to Matt's brother's wife's sister's house (can you follow that?) for some pinball.
I was especially happy to cuddle with their super-adorable dog for the night!!

We went to a Mexican tapas (not topless) restaurant for my birthday.  We tried some different tequila and discovered it was actually really good.  It was really smooth and nothing like the stuff we put in our margaritas that scalds your throat or puts hair on your chest.

We headed over to the Allegan Game Area for a little snowshoeing.
It was gorgeous!!

We did some hiking up and down some hills. Since I have creative control over all photos, I'll spare you all the shots Matt took of me scooting down the hill on my behind or crawling under a tree.

I did have one mishap snowshoeing...and Matt was sure to snap a picture. We took a break and I decided to sit on a log. It was covered in snow...or so I thought. When I sat down, it turned out the log was in front of the pile of I decided just to rest in a reclined position for a bit.

Guess what we woke up to this morning? Yep, more snow!