Tuesday, October 2, 2012

10 Reasons Why I Love My Husband

Matt may be the best husband in the whole-wide world.  He brought me home a pretty bouquet of fall flowers just to cheer me up. 

Well, if he's not the best husband in the world, then he's gotta be in at least in the top ten.  Speaking of top ten...here are ten reasons why I love him.
  1. He always puts the toilet seat down...and closes the lid.  Always.
  2. He likes to do the dishes.
  3. He cleans up the yard after the dog.
  4. He doesn't question my vast collection of shoes and purses...or question my need to keep adding to it.
  5. He lets me pick which movies we get from Netflix.
  6. He puts gas in my car...and always has since I was pregnant with Keaton (21 years ago).
  7. He doesn't conspicuously roll his eyes when I make him watch 'The Notebook' with me.
  8. He patiently waits for me to spackle before we go out for an evening on the town and never gives me an A.I.S. (ass in seat) ultimatum.
  9. He's been known to hold my purse for me and make a run to the store for feminine hygiene products.  The times are far and few between, but he has done both a few times.
  10. He lets me control the TV remote...for the most part.