Monday, April 30, 2012

Totally Awesome!

We took a step back in time for a totally awesome 80s-themed party over the weekend.  I broke out the blue eye shadow (I have absolutely no idea why I even had blue eye shadow in my make-up drawer!), teased my hair really, really, really big and used a half can of hair spray to hold it in place.  (Thank goodness people can't smoke in public venues anymore because my hair was highly flammable.  It even crunched when you touched it...ahhh, just like the good ol' days!!)  I found some pink sunglasses, gel bracelets, a polka dot t-shirt and black mini skirt at the store and pulled everything together with my trusty and well-worn jean jacket.  (The 80s style is making a comeback. Well, at least it is at Walmart...or maybe it just never left.) I even found a pair of shoes tucked away in my closet that somehow were overlooked over the years during our bi-yearly cleaning of the closets.  They were perfect for the night...until the sole somehow came off on the dance floor.  (I'm not saying alcohol had anything to do with it.  I'm totally sure it was age...the shoe's and not mine!)  Matt dug through his stash of assorted Halloween costumes and personal mementos to pull together his outfit.  He wore his old baseball jersey and it was a bit tighter than it was back in 1986.  All in all, we looked pretty 80ish...even though I told Matt that my outfit looked like it was actually from the 80s and he looked like he pulled his outfit together from Goodwill.  (In Matt's defense, I won't let him keep anything or he could have actually worn an entire outfit he really had from 1986.)  We enjoyed some good food, drinks, and fun music from the 80s.  I won the trivia question of the night and my award was a hug from the d.j. (Which I totally forgot to redeem.  I definitely would have remembed if the d.j. had looked like Brad Pitt!) 

After our blast from the past, we decided to stop at the casino on the way home and had to do a quick-change in the car.  (There's so much less room in the backseat of the car than there used to be. I'm totally just kidding!) There was a band playing that Matt wanted to see and they were great...except I thought the lead singer looked like the scary guy from 'Silence of the Lambs' in his stage makeup.  They did a variety of music ranging from the 70s through current stuff.  We enjoyed people watching...especially those who over-imbibed and danced.  We'll have to make sure we see them when they come back in August...the band, not the drunk people dancing.  But I'll definitely make sure to go without blue eye shadow and big hair (well, not too big)!