Thursday, April 19, 2012

New Blog Design

Yep, this is still all about the adventures of our family...but, it's just a new and improved version.  I'm a bit of a perfectionist (surprising, isn't it?) and I decided to stop wasting hours trying to coordinate my written posts with my pictures on the side.  Since I'm not going to stop taking pictures anytime soon, I thought it would just be a heck of a lot easier to just start a new blog with a new that would allow me to include my pictures with my posts.  So, here goes...

I updated the blog last week and we've continued to stay busy while still having some fun.  Keaton had a couple of interviews last Thursday for a summer internship where Matt works.  Keaton was offered an internship in the scheduling department.  (Totally different department and building than where Matt works.  Keaton got this all on his own!)  It will be a great opportunity for him to learn a new computer system, get some experience in the work force, meet new people, and get paid.  Yay!  (On a funny side note, Keaton said afterwards that  interviews would be a lot easier if he had a list of questions beforehand.)  He's really excited about the job and will begin in June after his semester is finished.  The bad news is that he'll miss our vacation out west this summer.  The good news is that with all the miles Matt accumulated from his trip to India and back, we can get Keaton a free plane ticket to at least come for the weekend while we're at the Grand Canyon! 

Matt took a pic of me playing Blackout...just like the machine we have at home.  It's definitely much more fun to play at home...away from the weird people who jump around like they're almost having seizures or dancing like Elaine from Seinfeld while playing.  (I never noticed before, but Matt kind of does the Elaine dance while he's playing!)

Matt and I went over to Detroit for the Michigan Pinball Expo last Friday.  It was interesting.  We played a lot of pinball and Matt made a new BFF.  Matt wanted to go to the expo to listen to the seminar about Pinball 101 (basically how to repair them and things to know for a first-time pinball machine owner).  It was scheduled for an hour and at the two-hour mark, I decided it was about time for a nap.  Matt and the speaker chatted afterwards and the speaker invited Matt to play a game with him...a game of pinball, that is.  (Like I said, it was interesting.)  I learned a lot and had an idea that Matt fell in love with...getting a pinball machine from each decade.  I was kind of kidding, but I think he's totally on board with the idea now.  Yikes!  On the way home, we decided to break up the drive and stop at the casino where I won $88.80.  Yay!  I haven't decided if my winnings are going to go into our future pinball machine fund or my shoe/purse fund.  Since I won on a 'Sex and the City' slot machine, I'm kinda thinking it HAS to go for shoes and/or a purse.  It's really the only thing to do.

The past week has included some medical issues.  Just let me start by saying to always, Always, ALWAYS use the guard that comes with a kitchen mandolin when slicing stuff.  I kind of sliced off the end of my finger while slicing potatoes for a casserole.  It was (is) gross and  finally stopped bleeding after 5 days.  (The upside is that I didn't have to do many dishes for a few days!)  Over the weekend, Matt got into some poison ivy and it's slowly been creeping up on him.  When it made his eye swell nearly shut today, he decided it was time to seek some medical treatment and had to get a shot of steroids and will begin taking steroids every day.  (The upside is that he can really bulk up now!)

Friday is Pinball at the Zoo, so we'll be heading to that event.  I'm not letting Matt take the trailer with us so there's no way he'll be able to bring a machine home.  But, he's planning to also go on Saturday and I'm not (Oh, did I mention there's an auction of pinball machines on Saturday?), so he may just surprise me after all...