Thursday, September 29, 2016

Side Yard

We had a rusty, dirty, ugly, nasty basketball hoop on the side of the driveway. (Trust me, it was bad.  It must have been even too bad for a before picture.)  I kept pestering Matt that I wanted it repainted.  He wanted to wait until he got a new acrylic backboard for it and then he said he would repaint the pole.  Needless to say, here's the freshly painted hoop...minus a new acrylic backboard.  Deb 1, Matt 0 for those of you keeping score.

The side of the house has a nice fenced-in pen and doggie door on the side of the garage for any future dogs (yes, plural) we may have in the future. I power-washed the concrete and we added some river rock. We  had a hard time finding just the right river rock to use in our landscaping.  Everything here in Michigan was too gray or too red. We finally found some Indiana river rock...but, it's also 5x more expensive than Michigan river rock. I think we'll have to go to Indiana and buy the bulk of it there for future projects or find a way to stain Michigan river rock tan!