Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Painting Break

I'm taking a break from painting to actually update the blog a little.  It's been two months since we moved into the new house...and it seems like we've been painting ever since!  We LOVE it here and our only regret is that we didn't move years ago!!  We're working on pretty much every room in the house and hopefully we'll have a few rooms finally finished soon so I can post before and after pictures.  The difference is incredible, but slow.  I keep finding things to tweak or totally change.  My latest change is all the outlets and switches throughout the house...and garage.  Poor Matt's 'to-do' list just keeps getting longer and longer. He finally gets one thing crossed off and then I add two more things to it.  But, the house is already looking (and smelling) great!  I just want everything all shiny, clean, and new.  Oh, and I just want everything done yesterday!

So, we took a break from working on the house and spent a long weekend up in Mackinac a couple of weeks ago.  We were hoping for more gorgeous fall colors, but we were a little early.  Still, it was nice to take a break from painting and spend some time outside enjoying beautiful northern Michigan.  We spent time in the U.P. at Tahquamenon Falls and then donated some money to the casino. We did some shopping and ate a lot of whitefish. We visited Mackinac Island and did a lot of walking. Our lungs were happy to breathe some fresh air and purge any lingering paint fumes from our systems.  Speaking of paint fumes, it's time to go back to painting. Today's project:  painting cabinets in the garage. Have I mentioned how much I hate painting?  I'd rather scrub toilets in a frat house than paint.  Well, maybe not a frat house. But close.  ;-)

We're looking fluffy in the pics.  It was pretty windy and
chilly so we wore three layers every day.

The Grand Hotel.
World's largest Colonial-style porch and summer hotel.